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Luminati folder and exe in my computer


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Thank you for this program. While using it I accepted the running of your extra software in my computer. Later I found a folder, some subfolders, executable and session id in my computer, Luminati stuff.

How can I securely remove it? My computer seems to be struggling a lot more now... Not sure when does it stop working also, but I want to delete it totally.


Thank you for your time


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Hi, you can simply delete those files and folders. Those files and folders were created by Luminati SDK (lum_sdk.dll) embedded in the ISO Downloader as you chose to donate idle resources. They won't harm your computer and you can delete them without any worries.



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The tool doesn't write anything to the registry. Unless you choose to save your settings. In that case, it writes the settings to the .NET settings storage under the application "Windows ISO Downloader". I don't know where in the registry exactly that is. To remove it, untick the box "Remember Settings". No need to go through regedit.

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