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Hi Jan,

just a couple of hints the user should know about; it refers ONLY to Office 2010

First of all: absolutely no issues on downloading!

1) All the downloads from Tech G are the RTM-version (the contained files are from 2010!), the Academic-version too (Upper Box)!

2) The downloads from the upper-box, H&S, H&B and Personal (Japanese) are all with SP1 (the contained files are from 2011!)

BTW, all the download directly from MS with this link Earlier versions of Office are all from Tech G too!

May be you can modify the titles in your tool....


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Hi Thiersee,

Thanks for the research. This information was new to me.

I don't think we're at the bottom of it yet. I tried several links in several languages. For Office 2010 H&S Turkish version it is just as you described.

However, Office 2010 H&S Thai language version is always including SP1, no matter whether you download from the upper or the lower box.

Office 2010 Pro Academic Thai version also includes SP1. The Turkish version gives you the TechG download (without SP1), although the key that unlocks it is clearly an academic key, and not a TechG key.

Clearly, the same key sometimes generates download links with SP1, and sometimes without SP1, and I think it depends on the selected language.

Highly annoying...

I'm not yet sure how to cover this sort of thing in the download descriptions without ambiguities.

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1 hour ago, Jan Krohn said:

I'm not yet sure how to cover this sort of thing in the download descriptions without ambiguities.

I agree, it will be not easy, if possible at all....


Thai Academic gives me an error

Thai H&S is for me a "mixed" version in the same way as English H&S, only the SP1 files are dated 2011, all other are 2010.

All Professional I tried from Tech G are RTM.

I downloaded today more than 20 GB to test the files, but now is enough: I got the versions I want (German/Italian, H&B and H&S) and this was for me the major goal.

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