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Windows 7 Home Basic Question


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Hi, in the downloader version 7.20, the edition HomeBasic was added, however the download points to HomeBasic COEM edition. The real Retail HomeBasic download as far as I know only has 32 Bit architecture available and is named: "Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_x32.iso" with a SHA1 hash of: 080ec1de94b88b0f7e8d000690a4aaaa031e2719.

I believe the downloads are for COEM editions and it would be nice to put it under the OEM section for Windows 7.

P.S: I do have the Home Basic Retail edition downloaded ages ago and verified. I can upload it and get a link.



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The SKUs of these downloads are:


According to the dump on Github, three of these SKUs are OEM, and five are retail.


Same mess as the Office 2010 downloads.

Since the same keys unlock both some OEM and some retail downloads, I can't separate them into two entries in the dropdown. For now I'd say majority wins (retail). If I get keys for more SKUs in the future, I might need to re-arrange things.

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