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Jan Krohn

Does anyone have Win Server 2019?

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If any of you guys has Server 2019 (Standard edition), and could quickly check whether the retail key unlocks the downloads on TechBench, that would be awesome.


I can see from the API that the downloads are now physically there, but I don't know which key can unlock them to make them available for download.

Such a Server 2019 key is crazy expensive, and I don't really want to waste such amount of money for nothing...

If it does work, Server 2019 could be added to the ISO Downloader.

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38 minutes ago, ColonialOne said:

ebay can buy a code for less than £10 but I paid £12.10 for a retail key

Thanks! I already saw these keys, and have my suspicions about them. Would you mind trying to enter your key into the MS download interface, and if it works fine send a link to the eBay offer?

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