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windows aio when Multiple .wims have the same name add architecture and build number at the end

Majid Hussain

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this would avoid having to rename the .wims via the menu options


i'm visually impaired and the menu options are not that accessible hence me asking for this change.

e.g an exammple  of file name

windows 10 v1809 x64

would have the build number at the end of it

so it would look like

windows 10 pro for workstations 10.0.17763

windows 10 home 10.0.17763.

for other older builds with the same name display name i think it is called,

you would have

windows 10 home 10.0.10240

I hope this makes sence,

i'm trying to make an aio of windows 7 8 8.1 and 10 from current release to present.

I currently am unable to because i am told from win toolkit latest version,

duplicate names detected!

some images from the different wims have the same name

rename one of the images!

as i sed I'm not able to use the menu options i can't select individual images to rename.

I would be very grateful if you could change this.


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