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OK I'm starting this so people with/without Vista/Server 2008 can post/request resources/programs for VAIO and Alky for Applications

Alky List of supported files: http://www.fallingleafsystems.com/site_media/matrix.html

Windows Vista RTM Sidebar v6.0.6000.16386

Windows Server 2008 Sidebar v6.0.6001.16510

Texas Holdem

Hotfix Extractor (drag and drop holdem hotfix into it): HFExtract_ENG.rar

Vista RTM Programs: RTM_Programs.7z

Feel free to post/request

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so...exactly how would i go about installing texas hold 'em or making an addon out of it? i used HFExtract but dont know where to go from there...
For instructions type this in Run box

"%ProgramFiles%\Alky for Applications\Documentation\manual.pdf"

You also need to install Alky with a Premium Vista Key

You can download XInput9_1_0.dll & patch with alky and add it to the same dir as Texas Holdem (you can find it in RTM Programs)

This is how the texas holdem patched with alky dir should finally look like

en-US\holdem.exe.mui <-make sure you use the english and not the french version


P.S. Texas Holdem does not work for everybody

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hey rick sorry to bug you again, but i still cant get texas hold'em to work...

-installed alky for apps, and used my vista ultimate serial to ensure texas hold'em would work

-logout, logged back in

-downloaded texas hold'em cab

-used hfextract on the cab

-copied necessary files to %programfiles%\Microsoft Games\Texas Hold 'em\

-used alky to patch necesary files

...and still i cant get it to work. when i click on holdem.exe nothing happens. you said hold'em doesnt work for some people, is there some reason it wouldnt work on my computer??? :crying_anim02:

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I would like the snipping tool ?

It was posted on another forum, said you need VAIO XP/W2K3 for it to work but is VAIO now alky could someone explain this to me ?

I tried the snipping tool and it did not work...

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Why would you want to do that?

because iwanna see whats inside i guess. lol

i just figured there was an app that would extract it.

is there no app that will open this file and extract it?

i've searched and searched but have come up with nothing.

anyone find out how to open this yet?

please post if you do.


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