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Edge Chromium GPO - not working

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Hi, I have posted my problem here: https://www.wincert.net/microsoft-windows/chromium-edge-group-policy-not-applying/ and Nic asked me to post it here.

I'm planing to push out new Edge to the users in our domain but the GPO does not work. I have never had any issues with GPO before and we have used GPO for old Edge with no problem.

I downloaded the new ADMX files, created the GPO and tried it on a test user, I also linked it to the test users computer OU but no luck. The test username is Edge and computer is HP125. 

Both the user and computer is receiving the GPO if I run gpresult . It's a realy piece of crap that Microsoft can't do anything right at the beginning.





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4 minutes ago, Swe-Rick said:

Hi NIM, I don't think the HTTPS would do any difference but here is a screenshot.

For this test I filtred on user and the computer.



I didn't mean about HTTPS, I just though you can try to enable the same settings as I did.

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I have now tried a couple of different options and and only one and a half is almost working for me.


If I configure under (user can override) "Configure new tab page URL" that url will be the start page and new tab page.

If I configure under Microsoft Edge "Configure new tab page URL" I will get a blank page with "edge://newtab" text in the tab. None of the other settings is applying exept favorits bar. I also tried configure the same in computer settings but no difference.

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