Chromium-Edge group policy not applying

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  1. Rickard says:

    Hi, yes we have problem with the new chromium Edge policies. We have working policies for old Edge, we only use Start page and favourits, I have downloaded and placed the admx exactly like you did but nothing happends in new Edge.
    I only using User config in my GPO so I haven’t linked it to computer OU.

    • Nik says:

      Hi Rickard,
      we had the same issue. Try to link the Edge User Policy onto the Computer Container and it should work, or you can configure the same setting for the Computer Configuration and also link it to Computer container.

      • Rickard says:

        Hi Nick, I have tried that but it didn’t help and I have found two different settings locations:
        Policies > Admin Temp. > Microsoft Edge

        Policies > Admin Temp. > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge

        Non of them works.

        • Nik says:

          Hi Rickard,
          I have used User Policy at:
          User Configuration | Microsoft Edge | Startup, home page and new tab page

          Once you set the policy link it to Computer container no matter that this is the User Policy. We had the same issue.

          • Rickard says:

            I still don’t get it to work, I see the GPO when I do a gpresult on both user and computer but no favorites or start pages is configured 🙁

            I even created a new GPO but no progress.

  2. Nik says:

    Can you login to our forum and post GPO screenshots?

  3. Matthew P Keifer says:

    I have found one problem and maybe this will fix anyone else group policy problems. I had a user profile I was testing with which did not have enough permissions to allow chromium to replace edge. Therefore the GP would not work. I found using a different using the polices worked.

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