Windows 10 endless boot issue solved

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  1. Eva S. says:

    “delete the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder”
    How do I do that? I see a lot of directories in the download folder.
    What is the command?

  2. KK M says:

    I followed all the steps and was successful but when I reboot it through safe mode it is stuck on Windows Logo what to Do?

  3. nios88 says:

    I did get these steps to work, but not to fix the problem. First of all, my C drive was under H for some reason, so I had to figure that out. You can check the folders in a drive by typing “dir H:\” for example, and it should be obvious which one actually has the correct folders. For me, X only had a couple of folders, and not the files I wanted to delete. Hope that helps someone some day.

    After that, I was able to reboot to safe mode consistently, but never did Windows ever show the message “couldnt complete the updates, undoing changes.” Now, Windows takes longer on the automatic repair startup as if it has found something it didn’t before, but still does not boot except to the repair bit, and safe mode does not remove the updates.

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