Extensions for Chromium-Edge go live!

To prepare for the official launch of its new Chromium-Edge browser planned for January 15, 2020, Microsoft has made its web site for Edge add-ons available to the public.

IMG source: microsoft.com

Ever since the early beta versions of Chromium-Edge Microsoft has allowed its beta testers to use the Chrome Web Store for downloading browser extensions, although that was only a temporary solution.

Unlike the old and already inferior Microsoft Edge browser which had extensions published in Windows Store, Chromium-Edge will use its own site for browser extensions or add-ons.

The new extension store is still in beta and currently has only 162 published extensions, but you can rest assured that this number will go up very soon. Published extensions are divided into several categories including Social, Accessibility, Blogging, News& Weather, Photos, Productivity, etc.

While the Microsoft team is working hard to make their new browser shine on the release day, you can check the Chromium-Edge extensions web site HERE.

You can also navigate to the extension site using the Edge menu. Click on Settings and select Extensions. From the left pane click on the Get extensions from Microsoft Store link to be redirected to the site.

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