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Recover Files From USB Drive Under All Scenarios

Over the last few years, the way we all use USB drives has been drastically changed. With the increased capacity of flash drives, their application has also been improved. Nevertheless, there are times when...

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WinRAR v5.70 Giveaway on

UPDATE: Our lucky winners of the WinRAR v5.7x perpetual license are: Jah Mehta Jeff Parish (we haven’t received a reply) Tedy Kusdya David Nicholas Eduardo Hernandez Fatih Aytepe We have requested additional information from...


How to transfer FSMO roles on Windows 2016 Server

In the following article, we will describe how to transfer FSMO roles on Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller using GUI (graphical user interface). FSMO abbreviation means Flexible Single Master Operation. There are 5 FSMO...