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version 1809; KB4482887; startup issues; Windows 10 1903 0

Windows 11 Moment 5 update released

Microsoft has just officially announced the release of the “Moment 5” update for Windows 11. The update is currently being gradually deployed to Windows 11 users seeking it through Windows Update. Microsoft plans to...


Windows 11 receives another problematic update

The latest security update, KB5034765, included in this month’s Patch Tuesday release, has become a significant problem for many Windows 11 users. It is causing issues on previously well-functioning Windows 11 machines. Users who...


Windows 11 update causes Taskbar disappearance

The most recent cumulative update for Windows 11 has an unusual bug causing the taskbar to disappear or turn into blank space. This issue is related to the February patch (KB5034765) for Windows 11...