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ISO for dell g3 3590


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i recently bought a dell. my machine came pre installed with home version of w10 x64. how can i download the ISO for my dell g3 3590 using the heidoc.net tool? i searched the dell menu but i could not find it. i could find only a LATITUDE 3590 windows 10 pro x64. are these the same? please help me. thanks in advance.

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No, the Latitude 3590 and the G3 3590 are different.

In all likelihood though, the iso files for the G3 3590 will be identical to the other G3 35xx files, such as the G3 3579.

If you want me to check for G3 3590 files anyway, please send me your service tag, and I'll add the downloads to the list.

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thanks very much. BTW, the tool shows 4 images (with different file-sizes and different filenames) pertaining to dell g3 3590 win 10 home x64. what does this mean? which one should i choose? is there a help file for your tool? thanks in advance.

and keep up the good work :)

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Generally, the newer images are the updated ones.

Looking at this specific list of files, however, I've noticed that one of them is an ASIA version, and three are ROW versions (Rest Of World).

So depending on where you live, you could pick the Asia version, or the newest ROW version. All images are usually multi language versions. I suspect the choice of language could be different on the Asia image, however, I've not tested that.

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