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[Finalists] August 2007


[Finalists] August 2007  

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  1. 1. [Finalists] August 2007

    • N1K
    • Wacky Chammomile

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Now that is a very tough choice!

If the two desktops were both submitted by guys, it would not be hard for me to choose N1K as my favorite, as you know I am a fan of dark colors on my desktop.

But seeing Wacky Chamomile's submission, as well as her lovely signature I find myself distracted by thoughts of what a talented and colorful young lady she must be. If her art is a reflection of her personality then she is surely a fascinating young lady who's knowledge, insights and conversation will be a welcome voice among the many other great members of this community.

Oh never mind. I am not going to vote since I like them both and would rather not choose. I am from the 'OLD SCHOOL' so to speak and I simply can not knowingly put a lady to defeat and walk away feeling OK about it. ;) Perhaps no one else will vote and then there will be a tie for the August Desktop choice. :P

Its way past my bedtime, :sleeping_03anim: and I start carrying on about all sorts of things as my faculties grow weary. :blush:

Good luck N1K and Wacky! I commend your creativity and artistic insight! :welcome:

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