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Do you feel that most media players, such as Microsoft's Windows Media Player, have become bloatware, overblown applications that need to be slimmed down to their basics --- just playing media?

If so, this is the program for you. It looks and works much like an earlier, classic version of Windows Media Player, way back in the days when it was a simple, svelte program.

In fact, there's not even an installation program; just double-click the file and it runs. Despite its simplicity, it's a great program. It will play just about any kind of media file you can throw at it, and will even play DVDs.

Play media files with this stripped-down media player, reminiscent of early versions of Windows Media Player.

License Type: Free

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP

File Size: 2170KB

http://www.free-codecs.com/download_soft.p...=3790&s=134" target="_blank">wincert-download-button.png

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I wrote this some time ago on my site.

I've heard wondrous things about Media Player Classic, the alternative to Windows default Windows Media Player 6.4 (mplayer2.exe). Minimalists have nothing but praise for this player.


Did you know, though, that the file size of the one file (mplayerc.exe) is 5.42MB big? While the additional files you need for Windows Media Player 6.4 weigh-in at 2.60MB?

And did you know that Media Player Classic needs one of the files needed by Windows Media Player 6.4 to play *.WMA music files and *.WMV video files: The qasf.dll file.

You can, however, play *.MP3 music files. And You can play *.AVI and *.MPG video files without the qasf.dll file.

But you're still going to need the qasf.dll file to play *.WMA music files and *WMV video files...just as Windows Media Player 6.4 does.

The qasf.dll weighs in at 216KB. 216KB + 5.42MB = more than 2.60MB

Stop here. This is assuming you have trimmed the fat out of DirectX and Windows Media Player 10 like I have in PART 9 of the guide. I keep a slimmed version of WMP 10 on my system, and I don't know which files I keep for it that Media Player Classic may not need.

But if you delete the files I do, keeping but a slimmed version on WMP10, and you would like Windows Media Player 6.4 (mplayer2.exe) to work for you also, put these files back to system32...

Files Needed By Media Player 6.4 (2.60MB):

Needed to start Media Player 6.4 (mplayer2.exe)


Needed to play media files with Media Player 6.4


Needed to play *.wma music files and *.wmv video files with Media Player 6.4

drmclien.dll ...(FROM PART 3 under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM)






Needed to play *.wma music files and to hear sound in *.wmv video files with Media Player 6.4


And place this file back in the C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player folder:


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