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Pirate stuffs


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N1K requested that if I have more images related to pirate to post it here...

yes I have some (but I will have to search in my computer to find it!) here the first ones

the graphics is from Anne Stokes, one of my favorite artists


sometime I tweak the images (size, text removed, etcs), so if you download my images from here for your personal use, just remember that the copyright of the graphics belong to Anne Stokes




original size


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well I found this one.. ^_^


the colours have been modified and the original size put on a 1024*768 black background

I also made a smaller size in a subfolder named "Logon", it seem back then I want to make a Logon screen with this !

I guess I just found an another sleepy project ! :sleeping:


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I found some images in the download folder but they have to be modify

like this one, cut-it-out from an image showing a t-shirt !

original size 325*400, size in this post 200*267, I layer this size (transparent background) on a 275*267 black background and save it in BMP format

I hack :lock: the default Windows XP screensaver and replace the image.

now instead to have the Windows logo and Home Edition text image, now I have the pirate image moving on my screen ! :P



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