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How to Modify Logon Screen & Boot Screen


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I have searched & found a lot of "How to make a Boot Screen" in the web including MSFN Forum. But This link is way too old . I always use RyanVm Update Pack and the new ntoskrnl.exe i think is a bit different as shown in the tutorial. There is no 1 to 10 in the tree after i open ntoskrnl.exe . My tree shows 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,13,14,15.

I really want to learn how to make a Boot Screen of my own.

I also want to know how to include the "Boot Screen" & the Logn Screen" on the Unattended XP CD.

About the logon Screen , i tried to make some of mine using LogonStudio 1. But i want to make Logon Sceen like this one.

My Last request is i want to know how to Modify And add the Autorun Menu which comes up when the XP CD is inserted.

Please help me . i am very anxious to learn these things. :sweatingbullets:

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How to change the Boot screen of Windows XP

The following programs and files will be used to change the boot screen:

1) Resource Hacker

2) Paint Shop Pro

3) Color Palettes (16.pal & win.pal)

After installing Paint Shop Pro and Resource Hacker, we are going to create a working directory on our hard drive. I will be using the directory C:\Bootscreen.

Copy from your Windows\System32 folder the file "ntoskrnl.exe" into the working directory.

Also extract the color Palette zip file to the working folder.

Start Resource Hacker open the "ntoskrnl.exe" and go to "Bitmap" - "1" -"1033".

Next click on "Action" - "Save [bitmap :1 : 1033]..." to the working directory, giving it a name of your choice.


Next start Paint Shop Pro, and load the bmp file you saved in the previous step.

Click on "Edit" - "Load Palette" - make sure to choose "Maintain indexes", browse to the location of "16.pal" and click open.


Now the boot screen is shown,


and you can rebuild it as you wish, using Paint Shop Pro

Xp Boot screens are always 640X480 pixels/ 16 colors


Once finished, go back to "Edit" - "Load Palette" - "Maintain indexes" - and browse to "win.pal" and "open".


The bitmap will turn black again.

Click "File" and "Save". Paint Shop Pro can be closed now.

Next step to do, is to load your modified bmp into the "ntoskrnl.exe"

To do so, start Resource Hacker, open the "ntoskrnl.exe" and go to "Bitmap" - "1" -"1033".

Next click on "Action" - "Replace Bitmap..."


Click on "Open file with new bitmap", browse to your modified bitmap file and click "Replace"


Next click "File" and "Save"

To replace the "ntoskrnl.exe" of your running system,use Replacer

You have the option to test out your new boot screen before totally overwriting the original. First, name your new ntoskrnl.exe something different (like nttest.exe). In boot.ini, locate this string:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

Add a line just above it with this string:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="My new boot screen" /fastdetect\kernel=nttest.exe (or whatever you named your new ntoskrnl.exe)

Now, move your new and renamed ntoskrnl.exe back into your system32 folder. This will allow you to choose which kernel you boot into before Windows starts.

Now go ahead and restart. When you get to the prompt, choose "My new boot screen" and see if you like it. If you're happy, go back into boot.ini and delete the string you added.

You don't want to keep multiple booting options in your boot.ini. When Windows has critical updates or other updates it needs to install on your system, it only updates what it considers the original kernel, the ntoskrl.exe. Basically, you want to overwrite the original ntoskrnl.exe file so you only have one copy in the System32 folder. Remember, you did make a backup of the true original before at the very start of this exercise, so you can always revert back if you absolutely have to.

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Login screen - %windir%\system32\logonui.exe

Boot screen - %windir%\system32\NToskrnl.exe

First you'll have to compress the file as you can see in "I386" folder of XP Setup, all EXE, DLL, etc files are compressed having "DL_", "EX_" extensions.

Once you have compressed them, you can simply replace existing files in I386 folder with your hacked one.

There is a file "makecab.exe". That can do the job. Search for it.

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Ok, let`s start

First make a backup of your logonui,make a workig folder and copy logonui to it.

Fire up your Reshacker and open logonui. When opened you'll find a UIFILE section. When selected, you'll see nothing, but there's a scrollbar, scroll down. There's lots of things you can edit, if you know how, but check these 3 items first:

element [id=atom(toppanel)]

element [id=atom(contentcontainer)]

element [id=atom(bottompanel)]

This are general sections for top, whole middle, and bottom panel. Directly underneath, where it says "background: rgb(xxx,xxx,xxx);" you can replace with your own color, or when it's "background: gradient(argb(0,xxx,xxx,xxx), argb(0,xxx,xxx,xxx), 0);" enter the rgb values for your gradient. Well, if you study a bit on the "id's", there's lots more, you can change anything concerning all subitems displayed in these 3 panels.

Setting the rgb values for top, whole middle, and bottom panel to "0,0,0" looks like this screens:



The blue picture in the Wellcome screen upper left corner and the thin lines are bitmaps. To change the colors of this bitmaps,open

the BITMAP folder,open bmp 100 (blue bmp),save it in your working folder,open it with Paintshop or your favorite Photoeditor and change the color.Repeat this with the both lines ( bmp 125,126).

Now thi should look like this:




To change the "Wellcome" message on first screen go to"String Table" section. In string 1, 2 and 3 you can edit some common messages, like "Welcome".



To change the Windows logo go back to Bitmaps.open it and replace Bitmap 123 and 127.

To be continued....

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Inside the "Ricks_VistaRTMBootSceen_KB940322.7z" AddOn there are these files:ntkrnlmp.exe,ntkrnlpa.exe,ntkrpamp.exe & ntoskrnl.exe.

Do i need to edit all these files?

Unless you know which one is for your processor or you could make 4 copies of your modded one and just rename.

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How to Modify Logon Screen, Part 2


To remove the blue part that remained, go back to uifile,open it, scroll dooooooooown to bottom and find this part:

<element id=atom(contentcontainer) layout=flowlayout(1,3,2,3) layoutpos=client content=rcbmp(100,0,0,219rp,207rp,1,0)>

<element id=atom(leftpanel) sheet=styleref(leftpanelss) layout=filllayout() layoutpos=left>

<element id=atom(logoarea) layout=verticalflowlayout(0,3,3,2)>

<element id=atom(product) contentalign=topright padding=rect(0rp,0rp,20rp,20rp) content=rcbmp(123,3,-1,137,86,0,0) background=rgb(0,0,0)/>

<element id=atom(help) contentalign=wrapright width=384rp padding=rect(0rp,0rp,40rp,0rp)/>


<element id=atom(msgarea) layout=verticalflowlayout(0,0,0,2) >

<element layout=filllayout() width=384rp>

<element id=atom(welcomeshadow) content=rcstr(7)/>

<element id=atom(welcome) content=rcstr(7)/>





the red marked string changes the remained blue part.In this part of your uifile you can change the text and bitmap positions too!



Here is a list of bitmap resources that you can change to complete your Logonui:

#102 - Password box;

#103 - Go button, normal;

#104 - Go button, selected;

#105 - Help button, normal;

#106 - Help button, selected;

#107 - Shut down button;

#108 - Hibernate button, normal;

#109 - Scrollbar arrow, bottom;

#110 - Scrollbar arrow, top;

#111 - Scrollbar handle;

#112 - UserFrame, selected;

#113 - UserIcon box, normal;

#114 - Sample profile image (?);

#119 - UserIcon box, selected;

#121 - Undock button;

#122 - Hibernate button, selected;

#123 - Windows XP logo + text;

#124 - Seperator, vertical, for middle panel;

#125 - Seperator, horizontal, top;

#126 - Seperator, horizontal, bottom;

#127 - Windows XP logo + text.

String Table" section. #1 & 4 let you specify some differing fonts.

Bonus Pack

In System 32, Winlogon.exe,String table, you can change some text...



The End.

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Cro-man you are the MAN. Thanks again for the Part 2. :thumbsup_anim:

Vishal thanks your tutorials completes the whole Logon Screen Modifying Tutorial. :prop:

I think after finishing both the Boot Screen & Login Screen i will post my screenshots.

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Hi all, I have been trying to make a boot screen but i cant seem to get it to work, i can do logon and the Billboards ok but not the boot. :(

I have followed Cro-man's tuturial and have also tried other tuturial's ive pick up on the net but no joy, i can make a boot screen ok it is getting it to work on boot up.

I have attached a simple boot screen that i have tried to get working can anybody test it for me so i know that it is working, to be honest i think it must be something i am doing wrong.

Link to my bootscreen,

Click here!

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