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Issues Migrating Office From Win7 To Win10


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Good evening,

I see this forum doesn't have much activity but i'm hoping someone will see this and have a solution to my problem.  I'm retiring my Win7 machine and slowly moving/installing my software on a new Win10 machine.  My issue is that my Office setup disk will not work.  I click on setup (as administrator), Windows asks if I want to make changes to my system and after I click allow, nothing happens.  I've opened up task manager but the setup file isn't running.  I've tried disabling Windows Defender, Antivirus and Firewall but no success.   I've scoured the net and it seems that my issue is somewhat unique, at least I couldn't find someone with the same problem.  

At first I thought there was an issue with my install disk so I downloaded a setup file, same issue so its not my original disk.  I believe Win10 is preventing it but I can't figure how or why.  Any solutions out there?

thx in advance


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Thanks for the reply,

Can you be more specific?  I'm a beginner.  Looking in the event viewer, in the Windows Logs/Application section, there are several errors and some warnings.  One error "MsiInstaller" states "Product:Microsoft Office Shared 64-bit MUI(English) 2007 -- Error 1713.  Setup cannot install one of the required products for Microsoft Office Shared 64 -bit MUI(English) 2007."  The eventID is 11713.

None of the other Warnings and Errors seem to been involved with Office 2007.



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