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Windows Blinds 6, I finally took the plunge


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I was just reading what I wrote and realized it did not make sense lol. Anyway I fixed the problems I was having and I have found some themes which will be good...

Offtopic: Rick I found your thread on joejoe about Windows Blinds 6 themes and other threads which helped me find some good themes, I do have a question, next to OS: Vaio XP SP2, being curious what I assume thats a Sony Vaio ?

Care to share any info about this CD if there is such a thing, I have a Sony Vaio UX with an awesome CD just for my baby :D

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I edited my post above. Yeah I have been browsing deviant art.. lots of good stuff

I wanted to try Windows Blinds on my Deskop, I tryed 5.5 once on my Sony but it slowed it down so gave it the boot ...


I am using Vista theme by MiLorK it looks slick, though having search that does not work in the start menu is just stupid ... I don't search anyways

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Oh gosh, my desk looks so slick, V'ISO is by far the best icons, bitmaps, avi's around, add Windows Blinds 6, some aero XL cursors ( my fav ) etc etc and you have Vista.. except better lol

For the folks who click on this thread thinking they are going to find some cool themes ....

Check out..

Jordy Green






Most of these users on are Deviant art

Aero Glass V5

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i installed wb6 too in my pc but i uninstalled it cuz its sucks lol not good for vista theme good for longhorn themes for xp

this is the best vista theme ever

want to look like this



the name of the theme is vista RTM by juan perez i forget the link of that search to devianart

and then

Vista perfection 4X (WhiteFlame) Search it too devianart LOLZ

by the way is V'iso can transform my windows xp sp2 86x

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The best wb vista skins:

AeroVista 1.0b7 by InTime



Aero Ultimate BETA 4 by ~fediaFedia


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Well I cannot view screen shot of the first one unless signed in and the 2nd themes screen shot is small, care to show me some screens ?

I have went back to Windows msstyles for a while now, WB's annoys me when you watch a movie and move the window, it shakes all weird, I have noticed sidebar does it as well, I don't care about that so much.

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