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[How To] Install Windows Sidebar on XP/2003


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Here is how you install and patch the Windows Sidebar on non Vista operating systems using Alky for Applications (by Rafael)

1- Download and install Alky for Applications (for Windows XP or Server 2003)

2- Download and install Wireless LAN API (KB918997) (skip this step if you are on XP SP3 or Server 2003)

3- Reboot

4- You need the Windows Sidebar folder and files from an existing install of Windows Vista

5- Copy that "Windows Sidebar" folder to your "Program Files" directory


6- Copy regsvr32.exe from "%WinDir%\system32" to "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar"


7- Copy manifest.xml from "%ProgramFiles%\Alky for Applications\Libraries" to "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar"


8- Rename manifest.xml in the Windows Sidebar directory to regsvr32.exe.manifest


9- Right click on both sbdrop.dll & wlsrvc.dll and choose Patch Vista library...


10- Drag and drop both sbdrop.dll & wlsrvc.dll into regsvr32.exe thats located in the same folder




11- Right click on sidebar.exe and choose Patch and Run Vista executable...


12- Close Sidebar (right click on the tray icon and choose Exit)


13- In Run... copy, paste and execute the following

"%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe" /RegServer


14- Restart the Windows Sidebar and nJoy

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A- If you have problems with the Weather.Gadget saying "Service not available"


* Download this modified wlsrvc.dll

* Close the Windows Sidebar and replace the old wlsrvc.dll with the modified one

* Right click on it and choose Patch Vista library...

B- How to add the Windows Sidebar Properties to your Control Panel


* Download the following file:


* Extract the INF file from the ZIP archive, then right click on SidebarShortcuts.inf and choose Install (this will also create a Acessories shortuct)


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hi rick !

I am french and i'm writting from France and i really want to thank you for this great job about the sidebar!

Have you try the same things whith the vista games? because i try to found them and maybe you can do that!?!...

You make a really nice job if you do that!

PS: Sorry for my english...!


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Just talked to him and I can confirm he is working on a update, he will be changing the name of alky, also the libraries will be named to much smaller filenames example:

vkernel32.dll to vk32.dll

All Vista games should be working

I also asked for a x64 shell ext

And silent install switches to add a Vista ultimate serial number

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Looks like an amazing software to use for those that have XP

I am trying to install it but the alky application site is down. Does anyone know where I can get the download?

Thank you

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Thanks for the link

I have gone through your step by step process but now I am stuck at step 9. I get an error when trying to put the 2 files into regsvr32

This is the error msg I get when trying to put the 2 files in


Do you know how I can fix this problem?

Thank you

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after i got the sidebar working and rebooted, can i unistall Alky for Applications and Wrieless LAN API (KB918997)?

and by the way, great guide ! i needed this!

If I'm correct, Vista Sidebar won't work without Alky and Wireless LAN API.. :icon_cool:

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Hey thanks a lot.. i am not a person who write thanks to ppl on forums not bec i have ego problem but bec i dont bother, nor i waste time asking questions but coudnt resist giving u regards for the tutorial u wrote... user friendly, seriously i had no questions all quries solved... :thumbsup_anim:

i am using windows XP black edition, it had window sidebar already installed, then it disappered used all tweaks, registring stuff cudnt understand.. so installed again through ur way.. the only thing which i am feeling different about is OPACITY?? i had transparent background, but now its all black?

once again... nice tutorial... :giveheart:

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Great work!

Fantastic tutorial but I have a baffling problem, I've just tried to install the alky for applications 1.0 winxp while using a valid vista product key and error prompt says my key is invalid (I have used a utility program to confirm key)... I have an asus notebook w/dual boot setup; partition c: Vista Home Premium, d: XP Pro. Has anyone encountered this before... any help would be appreciated. Was really looking forward to having the side bar now I'm wondering if there is something strange about my setup that is preventing install. Thanks!

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