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Issue with Unattending


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Ok, I am having a issue with a unattended install. I think it is because of a issue with the user name, full name and computer name having certain requirements (not being close in naming) but not sure.

The unattended is broken here:


Here are my Nlite screenshots:



What is the Computer Name associated with that prevents me from using BORNLUZR as the Computer Name?


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Thanks everyone, I know it has to be a conflict with the names. I will try and do more testing to determine what is conflicting. I know I can use the same names during a manual install.

And Mr_Smartepants

but no customization either.

What do you mean?

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I have a better idea post your winnt.sif file that nlite creates (Remove your key) and lets see it that way.

Here you go Kel, sorry it took so long, I have been busy with addons etc.

TimeZone = (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
ComputerName = BORNLUZR
Organization = LUZRINC
Language = English (United States)
Locale = English (United States)
Keyboard = US
DomainAdmin =
DomainPass =
Expirepassword = 0
JoinDomain =
JoinWorkgroup = WORKGROUP
Owner = LUZR


It accepts the computer name when I click on next.

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