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Upgrading to Vista


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I have a fairly old Dell PC from 2003. It has a 120GB hard drive, 768MB of RAM and a Pentium 4 2.0Ghz processor. Could I install Windows Vista Home Basic on this computer. I willing to do a Full install so I don't have any software problems.

Edit: My computer is currently running Windows XP Pro.

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Yes, you can install it and it will work fairly good. Although, if possible, add more memory.. If not, there's always option to use ready boost option in Vista if you have a spare USB stick drive.

I agree but beware of readyboost. It will help somewhat launching programs but if you do any gaming of any kind, readyboost slows games down and makes them stutter. If you don't do any gaming, you can get a good readyboost drive for $15 but then again, you can get 1 gig of real memory for $30. You're on the right track doing a fresh install. I've never been able to get an upgrade to run nearly as well as a fresh install and have run into a few BSOD's even though the upgrade advisor said it was good to go.

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