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[CPL] IP Configuration Manager


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Windows IP Configuration Manager CPL Addon

About Win IP Config

Win IP Configuration Manager is a replacement for the annoying command line tools "ipconfig.exe" and "route.exe". This version also includes the "netstat.exe" tool.

Win IP Configuration Manager shows you the IP settings of the installed network interfaces. IP addresses obtained by DHCP can be renewed by Win IP Config.

Routes can easily be added, removed, changed or made persistent by this tool.

Network interfaces can administratively be enabled or disabled, repectively. Throughput statistics can be watched for each of the network interfaces in a separate window. The program has full capabilities with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Some functions are not supported under Windows 98. Windows ME should behave like Windows 98, but this has not been tested.

News in Version 2.7.1 / 2.7.2 (bugfix for Windows Vista)

Made DHCP Renew accessible from main menu / button bar.

Minor usability enhancements.

This software does not run with NT4 and Windows 95.



- Fixed some more errors in the inf

- Fixed some errors in the inf


- Initial Release

Information: Info


Credit: Reaper (aka Makave2345 or Me)

Uninstallable?: Yes

Size: 764 kb


MD5: 65844F2BEC85E10B3E1E6AAC390F08DB

SHA1: 240A891CDEA9167DB250BEF8E1C97302E681CFB9

CRC-32: 5D3B73A6


Edited by *Reaper*
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