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Firefox Ultimate Optimizer


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As we all know that Firefox consumes a lot of memory and this consumption is about 35000K high sometimes on my PC.

Now how would you like if this consumption went down to a few KB?? Yes Firefox consuming just 200K?

That would be phenominal. Just extract the archive and run the Firefox Ultimate Optimizer.exe.

Then check how firefox is consuming a few KB of memory in the Taskmanager.

This also works with Firefox 3.0 Beta 2!!




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umm ok...but how exactly does it work? if its just dumping most of firefox's memory to your paging file, then all youre accomplishing is significantly slowing firefox in exchange for a few megs of RAM. not only that, but i always disable my paging file and leave everything in memory. if it still works for me then the developers got really creative with prefetch or memory management.

EDIT: program didnt do a thing for me. so its either trying to access a paging file i dont have, or it cant handle my custom SSE2 build of firefox :P

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O_o It worked, but like runningfool said, I'm sure its just dumping it to the page file.

However, this would be a good tool on an older system with less than 256mb of ram though. Say, and old laptop or something. I will definitely hold on to this for the future because it is pretty damn cool if you ask me :P

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all this does is shift the burden of firefox from memory to the paging file. unless you somehow have the worlds fastest solid-state hard drive, you WILL notice slower performance from firefox.

I too agree ... its ok to see 324K in task manager .. cool

but practically its working somewhere else then. if its not showing memory footage at firefox.exe

then its using something else as simple as that. so in the end overall its the same. :tired:

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