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post your security setup!

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* 64-bit XP :thumbsup_anim:

* HARDWARE firewall - software firewalls are little more than a placebo

* not being a complete idiot on the internet

* AVG Anti-Spyware - no active protection, i only run it when i think ive been infected. excellent spyware definitions and the best defense against trojans IMHO

* Bugoff, courtesy of merijn.org - it closes common security holes that M$ refuses to address

* Crap Cleaner - basic level registry cleaner and temp/useless file deleter

* Defraggler - for specific (single files, not my enttire hard drive) defragging

* HD Tune - for making sure my hard drive(s) havent gone bad

* HWMonitor - checking HDD, CPU and GPU temps

* Internet - just a link to internet connections (i removed the taskbar and start menu from windows, so this link is kind of a necessity)

* IP Config - 3rd party alternative to commandline IP config tool, which is supposed to be some kind of security risk

* Jk Defrag (64-bit version) - the best damn defragger out there, period. its a single file, its free, fast as hell, and doesnt ruin my hard drives like diskeeper did.

* NOD32 - portable "thinstall" version. active protection is completely turned OFF, but as far as virus scanning goes i wouldnt trust my computer to any other anti-virus app

* Paranoia - a shortcut i made that runs crap cleaner and mru-blaster silently and in the background. basically a one-click solution to erasing internet history

* PeerGuardian - ...duh.

* Pserv - a program that i feel is a lot more informative and easier to use than "services.msc". easily enable/disable/stop/restart windows services

* Recuva - for those wonderful little times i right click "delete" when i meant to click "rename"

* Reg Organizer - one of the few payware programs i use. this is the most extensive registry cleaner ive ever come across, that also doesnt mess anything up

* RegShot - take snapshots of your registry. i use it before and after every program i install, and compare the 2 files. great tool for deleting old reg entries left after uninstalling software

* Rogue Remover - the best solution for hard-to-remove "rogue" spyware. the pro version adds an IP list to your hosts file to prevent you from accidentally going to a site that hosts rogue software

* Spybot S&D - okay as a base-level spyware scanner, but i like it primarily for the IP's it adds to the hosts file and the internet explorer protection

* Spyware Terminator - rivals AVG AntiSpyware in terms of spyware protection. its free and scans extremely fast (i think b/c its definitions are partially based on heuristics). i figured that this along with AVG AntiSpyware would give me close to bulletproof spyware detection

* Spyware Blaster - doesnt run any background processes or services. adds a BIG list of sites to the "restricted sites" zone, as well as hosts protection, activex protection, and cookie restrictions. one of the best apps you can install to protect you from teh internets :P

* Startup CPL - sometimes removing spyware is as simple as deleting a reg startup entry. otherwise its useful for mamaging what programs run at startup

* StartupList - another program from merijn.org, i really couldnt say enough to explain what this program does. its basically msconfig on steroids...youll be amazed at what this program finds

*WinDirStat - graphical display, by size and location, of all the files on your hard drive.useful if youre running low on hard drive space and dont know what to delete

under normal circumstances, i dont have any security-related programs running. all these programs are either free, the best in their field, or require a little bit of expertise to use properly. my computer runs like clockwork and i havent had a single malware infection in over 2 years. oh, and i hate the intrusiveness of most modern security programs...so i keep shortcuts to all these programs tucked away in a single folder that stays the hell out of my way until i need it :icon_cool:

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I'm using Windows Vista with it's Windows Defender and Firewall enabled. I've also have enabled hardware firewall on my router.

Besides that I'm using NOD32 for protection and never had any issues.

On XP I was using the same setup as on Vista :)

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Programs I use.


Zone Alarm


NOD 32


AVG Spyware (Ewido)


DVD Shrink

DVD Decrypter

WinAVI Converter


WinAVI MP4 Converter

Convert X to DVD

Internet Tools



Windows Live Messenger and Mail

System Utilities

HD Tune

HDD Thermometer


Acronis True Image


PC Wizard


WinXP Manager


WMP 11

WinTV 2000

VLC Player

Mpeg Editor


Burning Tools



Chettah DVD Burner


Install Watch Pro







nLite Addon Maker

WMP 11 Slipstreamer






Photoshop CS3

Atomic Alarm Clock

Office 2007


....and a lot more


Rosetta Stone







I think thats all of it. LOL


Apollo ATX Mid Tower

Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.40GHz

Asus P5BW-LA

2 x 320g

1 x 200g

3g DDR2-SDRAM PC2-5300


NVIDIA GeForce 7350 LE

EarthWatts 500 Watt ATX 12V Power Supply


1 CD\DVD Burner X20

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