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[Release] Rhor's PNG Pack version 2


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  • 4 months later...

start menu seems fine to me, unless you mean some of the icons on the right side arent completely covered? that can be fixed by using 32px(i think) size.

what i'm curious about is how you hid the 'log off' and 'turn off computer' text in your screenshots.

edit: actually it seems like you managed to hide the entire log off button http://rhor.devianta...esktop-78995164 i'd really like to know how you did that :D

this is old but i've gotten a little closer to finding out how to do this. today i stumbled upon this http://ludo35300.deviantart.com/art/explorer-exe-Seven-for-XP-fr-112836917

(although i've no idea what the text says)

i'm still hoping to find a .reg entry that does the same thing though. i'd rather use a solution like that than to use a modified windows files

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