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wireless icon always connecting ?


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I remember reading somewhere that a service needs to be enabled or something ( cannot remember ) my wireless icons tends to be always connecting,though I have internet access.

Point me in the right direction ?

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Go to your Control Panel --> Network Connections and find your wireless network connection. Right click on it and disable it.

As for the service, there's no need to do that if you disabled it as I said, but if you still want to shut down that service, do the following:

Start --> Run --> services.msc --> Hit Enter

Disable the "Wireless Zero Configuration", since it's enabled by default..

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Sorry what I mean.

The problem I am having is that my wireless icon in the taskbar likes to always show as connecting but the internet works fine, now I read somewhere this is caused by something, that something I do not remember or know where to find it.

Is this what you are talking about ?

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My Wireless is maintained by windows not intel utility.


I just did a fresh install, more tweaks have been added, and my services configuration has changed, now I am just wondering if it was something I did, often after a restart it will go back...

this is when it happens.

booted windows, my wireless network was detected and automatically connected to it, the icon was fine, but if I want to connect to a new network I will get the connecting icon, for fun I disconnected from my network and reconnected, it told me I was connected but I still see the icon trying to connect and when I click on it the status window pops up Status: Acquiring network address. though I am connected...

I know some info on this problem was posted somewhere but for the life of me I cannot remember where or when grrr


that connecting icon has been showing for a few minutes now, though I am connected...

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Please make a screenshot of your network connections so I can see all available adapters.

Also, make a sreenshot of your IPConfig from the command prompt..

Since I haven't saw the solution you're mentioning, I'll try to figure this out in my own way :)

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Thanks for trying.

For now it is the least of my worries, after I have typed in my password it will auto connect each reboot, it just will if I want to connect to a different network, I auto connect almost all the time anyways.

I am having some sort of shutdown issue with my latest CD.. very annoying, no worries though I will get it fixed.

If anyone has anything to add please do.

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There is a service that is not running that should be. As stated earlier, make sure the wireless zero configuration service is running, and also, the Network Location Awareness (NLA) service. It should be set to manual.

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Yes that seems to be the issue.

Network Location Awareness (NLA) needs to be set to manual... I think this may have fixed my problem..

so can this be set to manual on a laptop as well? or is that what u're talking about, laptops (i apologize if this is a very basic question. my knowledge is basic so to speak)and if so ... how do i switch to manual because i have a paid connection, but it will get bumped for a wireless connection that is found.

thanks. will.

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