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I have OC'ed my MicroPC :)


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I have successfully applied some arctic silver 5 CPU paste on my UX's CPU and have OC'ed from 1.2ghz to 1.3ghz stable.

It was a fun but yet scary process, the UX is very small with lots of different size screws.

Just thought I would share my adventure, maybe I will post some pictures of the unit apart.

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Yeah I would love to take some screens, at the time I did not as I was just experimenting.

Not sure if this was caused by my OC'ing, my UX will not charge or get power, the unit still works just no power via cord or dock :(

STORMS OFF.. HUMF :sad01_anim:

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And its running smootly

Nope I don't believe it lol

I am currently using my old AMD, my UX needs to go back for repair and I am doing some modifications to my main desk.. life sucks without both.

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i run 64-bit windows xp, nLite'd to hell. after it was installed, i edited explorer.exe shell32.dll and several other important system files manually, solely to tweak a few UI aspects i didnt like. i dont run a firewall (other than the hardware firewall in my wireless router), which might be bad since i frequently take my laptop on the road and connect to random wireless hotspots. i also dont have any antivirus or antispyware running in the background. i run the absolute newest version of every piece of software i have...we're talking pre-alphas and nightly builds here. my graphics card is overclocked to the highest it will go without annoying yellow lines showing up and distoriting videos and games. my processor is constantly being pushed to its limit, since i do intensive video encoding jobs whenever i have the opportunity. i torrent so heavily that the internet service in my entire apartment complex has been cut off in an attempt to find out who the hell is using all that bandwidth and what theyre using it for (thank you peerguardian :) ). the only user account i have on windows is the administrator account, renamed "Root" to make it even more obvious. also i use a blank password and my away message on AIM/IRC/Jabber is usually my IP address, just to taunt my more computer-savvy friends.

the only BSOD ive ever had happened when i disabled the paging file to see what would happen. i almost never see any software crash or hiccup, and the closest anyone has ever come to "hacking" me was a friend who said i was connected to a port i knew was closed, using a program id never heard of.

HA! :P

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Now thats the spirit mate. Taught those hackers.

I have the perfect nLited installation for my MicroPC, I still need to make a better installation for my desk, lots more work involved.

keep at it..

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