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[Release|First addons] Mozilla FireFox 2.0.14 + Thunderbird 2.0.12


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First addon, made the FireFox one, then found it works the same for the ThunderBird installer . ^_^

Tested the switchless installers, so I guess it works.

Right , nothing special about the firefox addon, but the ThunderBird addon - all you can find is old addons here.

I do not guarantee anything, it's my first addon post ... hope you like it. I'm new here and in JoeJoe, but i'm a 'Windows geek' for a long time.

My next addons will be a customizable Firefox addon, with plugins, themes and optimized settings, and (maybe) a Royale mod (by me) with Segoe UI patcher addon (replaces luna with royale, with Segoe UI font and some other font mods ,and replaces the default shell dialog with Segoe UI) . Currently working on it.

Firefox 2.0.14 addon - 11.8 MB

MD5 Checksum- e089cca4be4e0fe399487183a1194d79


Thunderbird 2.0.12 addon - 24.6 MB

MD5 Checksum- 09769ad85d12980126a2ce458937db72


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Congrats on your 1st addon and welcome...Can I make a few suggestions?

Posting the size and MD5 checksum of the addon is always good practice, it will show the user how much it will add to his ISO and the MD5 is to verify that he has downloaded the archive with no errors at all

Second, if you want to make your addon compatible with the RVM Integrator you should add the name addon to the filename example rename:

Firefox2.x.x.x.cab to Firefox2.x.x.x_addon.cab

If the addon archive does not have the name addon in the filename it will not be visible to the integrator

Again welcome to wincert, happy modding

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Thanks for the comments...

Rick, I'm your fan, I've been using your addons for months ... you're the best addons creator around. :D

I'll update my post soon, i'll add the MD5 checksum, size, buttons and maybe an updated FF addon .

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