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At least Rick got a credit :)


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I wonder how they figure out how to install it, its got to be confusing all those INF, INI, TTF and CAB files

:google_lt: Bastards lol

Did you get some sort of PM asking permission for these to be posted else ware ?

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hmmm what can i say :angry: im arabian but i hate this copying stuff

you guys did alot of good :rolleyes: work realy but i hate when some one copy it

without permisson at lest


and yeah its written in arabic

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I am Egyptian and Arabic native, really it is not a good thing at all to do such a thing guys from members at damas gate website, also not all Arabians do such a thing, for example I've converted some themes from IPB to MyBB myself, but when I did so I've asked for a permission from the author before converting them. But it is happening all over the web, you may try to use a password like wincert.net to open files or something a like but honestly no one can guarantee anything not to be stolen even Microsoft get cracked after few days of releasing vista.

Good luck

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I agree with you mates. In most turkish forums (nearly all of them have warez) lots of work of rick/kels/mrs peel or others are copied and used with no credit. I hate seeing this kind of things but i cant delete or warn all of them.

I know who did the exact job, and that makes me come here :)

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