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Tutorial: We change lateral pictures of the Explorer


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We change lateral pictures of the Explorer

I apologise for the English language :(

If someone wishes to change lateral drawings in the Explorer, to make easy , who knows the Restorator or Reshaker a little, also it is necessary a few knowledge in a "Photoshop".


All pictures are stored in a file of a theme of design

%WINDIR %\Resources\Themes\ТЕМА\Shell\NormalColor\Shellstyle.dll

BUT, is small but, pictures of resources 10, 13 and 19 it is necessary to stretch before it in a "Photoshop", for those who knows "Photoshop", I attach my file in format PSD where it is possible to edit or create easily the drawing for explorer.

Also do not forget to put "dummy" or easier picture with a background of a theme to the place of drawings 11, 14, 20. Otherwise on the conductor screen there will be excess from pictures.

Pictures 10, 13 and 19 will close an inscription "task for...". The picture 110 is no. Probably for its replacement (110 pictures) in other themes it is necessary to correct UIFILE a resource in a line


строка 102 background: rcbmp(110,3,#FF00FF,0,0,0,0);

Good luck in change of drawings. ^_^


Video folder


Audio folder


Folder System folders and Tasks


Folder Pictures



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  • 5 months later...

i could not get u..

u want 2 make that image larger...

and this is for which OS XP or Vista..

u screen shot theme is really nice....which theme is it and where to download and how about ur toolbar..how can i get that kind of toolbar

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