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I know that OpenDNS isn't designed for my setup, just 1 person w/broadband, (Quest) not what you would really call a network, but they sure helped me out. I started to have problems staying on line. Every few hours or so the IP address wouldn't be renewed. I don't know much about networking but I found a couple of ways to fix this for the short term. I could get on Google and research the problem. I found OpenDNS. Sounded like the perfect solution to my problem. It was and more.

I did sweat bullets but reconfigured my modem. That was 3 days ago. OpenDNS Updater checks my IP every hour. I went to DSL reports and saw something I've never seen, download speeds over 1300Kbs. I was always in the low 12's. So, whatever it was that I did to cause the IP problem-the fix (OpenDNS) turned out great!

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