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  1. I don't think I will go into why I have to have that kind of protection, but I do. I agree some what with your assessment of some Spyware programs, but the good ones are also ant-malware. I do get nailed once in a while. It's been a while since I've had to deal with a nasty one but as they say-it's not if, it's when! :bomb:
  2. I am going to do exactly that. I have a full time suite running along with a secondary monitoring program. I run scans with other programs at least every couple of days. I thought all was well. I always pick up Adware, no worries there but eTrust PestControl picked up a low level Trojan. To make a long story short- I ran 6 different programs all set to deep scan and each one picked up something, even the last one. It was mostly low level stuff but there was 1 high level virus. I "should" be clean now. I'm going to run the test anyway. I feel a bit shell shocked. :angry: :censored: :omg:
  3. A couple of months ago I installed Ashampoos Magicall Defrag 2. It gets my vote hands down! I can see where it's just not for a laptop but for a desktop-you just install and forget. It doesn't get in the way at all. I love it.
  4. I have done a lot of looking and have considered only about 3 boards seriously. The ASRock isn't an Asus wanna be, it's Asus's budget brand. Even though I'm on a tight budget, if Asus or Gigabyte etc built a board with what I need I would gladly go up to a higher quality board. Just for grins-it received editors choice for budget boards at Anantech reviews. And I have a 2+1 system now. With the 5+1 system I can get surround sound for my DVDs and a very nice stereo.
  5. Well, lets just say that I travel into some of the darker places on the net and let it go at that. :pirate: Viruses and Trojans and worms etc. come in all kinds of flavors. Some you would never notice, they just supply info about you. Then there are real nasty ones, can cause all kinds of damage. I've got to have good protection and it seems I'm never fully satisfied that I have enough. :guns: But it sure keeps it interesting!
  6. Great, because I sure took no ofence at your post! I don't see how anyone could. I could see where some one might take mine a little ascue. Sometimes the humor doesn't translate in text. This is a good example of that. No one took offence but both are apologizeing! I think this is all there is! :beerchug:
  7. :oops: This is the second time for this one. It would seem my attempt at humor fell flat. If so, I take it all back and consider my self slapped.
  8. That was pretty cool. I think you can do the same at DSLreports but this is so much easier, and the testing site is about 15 miles from my house! How cool is that! :dancing:
  9. Just where the heck am I? It never occurred to me that I might be on foreign soil. Do your kind have any special things you do that we proud, upstanding citizens of the good old US of A need to know about? Like throwing bones over your shoulder at dinner or urinating on the hosts rose bushes? Sure wouldn't want to offend in any way! :hug: We are such a magnanimous group as a whole, don't ya think?
  10. My firewall started to put a 100% load on my CPU almost 24/7 so I dumped it and Installed Windows Live Care. First run it picked up a Trojan. It seems that no matter what you run, it'll miss something. Each program has strengths and weaknesses and no two run the same. That has been my experience any way.
  11. In a month or so, I'm going to upgrade from my Epox 8k5a2+ motherboard AC97 audio and Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 to an ASRock 4Core Dual Sata2 motherboard with ALC888 7.1 Channel Audio. On fixed income, my budget for this is tight, with new CPU, cooler, and memory- it's hard to squeeze in new speakers too. I've heard good things about the Logitech x530 or x540 5.1 channel, about $60 for the x530's. Does anyone know about these speakers? Does 5.1 speakers play well 7.1 with output? Any thoughts?
  12. I know that OpenDNS isn't designed for my setup, just 1 person w/broadband, (Quest) not what you would really call a network, but they sure helped me out. I started to have problems staying on line. Every few hours or so the IP address wouldn't be renewed. I don't know much about networking but I found a couple of ways to fix this for the short term. I could get on Google and research the problem. I found OpenDNS. Sounded like the perfect solution to my problem. It was and more. I did sweat bullets but reconfigured my modem. That was 3 days ago. OpenDNS Updater checks my IP every hour. I went to DSL reports and saw something I've never seen, download speeds over 1300Kbs. I was always in the low 12's. So, whatever it was that I did to cause the IP problem-the fix (OpenDNS) turned out great!
  13. People have recommended a number of programs, including me. Some have suggested AVG Anti-Spy Ware. Just ran across AVG Anti-Mal ware. What is the difference? Is there one?
  14. :oops: I knew I had seen this one. Seems very appropriate, don't ya think? Sorry.
  15. Might I suggest eTrust PestControl. It seems to always find something.
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