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Y'z Shadow 1.9 + startup (May 27, 08)


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Y'z Shadow version 1.9 by M. Yamaguchi

Adds a shadow and transparent effects to Windows. This program is used in the Vista Inspirat BrickoPack.

Y'z Shadow works without any registry keys, it simply extracts the files in Program Files and creates a startup shortcut.

Screenshot (taken by me, tested on Virtual PC) -


Size - 230KB

MD5 - 08c1f8a554f0c5f6de16e002210992ec


Mirror (Rapidshare)

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Nice work Lolkik ;) but I'll have to move move it to proper section since it's svcpack compatibile for true addon you might take a peak here :P

Edit: accidently move this topic to turkish Svcpack section LOL ...

Edited by Gorki
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Lolkik relax mate it's not a problem topic will be moved in proper svcpack section in english forums where it belongs I only have ability to operate in english section but not in turkish. This will be fixed soon! ;)

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Generalization is wrong including this one - Nietzsche

I like all the nations.

But all the nations have bad guys and will be !

I have not to get angry to the nations.

I can only get angry to the bad guys into the nations.

Thanks for addons

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I have nothing against Turkish people, but I wanted my topic to be in the English SVCPACK forum. I'm israeli myself, so I understand how it feels ...

I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone, I'm really confused and stressed these days. I'm 16, I have lots of school exams and concerts...

Edited by Lolkik
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hey there. i just find out this tiny awesome software but i couldnt be able to make it work auto on startup, i tried to put it in the start up menu, it didnt woked and then i put in the task manager, same againg, it keeps sayin language file not found. can you please tell me how to start this software auto on startup detailed.cos i am a little dummy on this computer stuff :) cheers!!

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