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Thunderbird Addon Maker v0.12

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Thunderbird Addon Maker v0.12

post-5822-1213219831.pngUpdated 28 Jul 08

  • This is a little script that will download the current 2.0.0.x Thunderbird, in your current languange.
  • Or, will download the English version of 3.0a1 and create a localized version for you.
  • It will then insert your personal data and create an addon, placed in the current folder, that can be used in nLite or RVM.
  • A log file is created for all file copies. So you can see what was copied from your system to the addon.

  • It will insert all of the passwords, themes, plugins and extensions that you currently have installed on your system. It will disable the Profile Migrator and is completely silent.
  • Requested here.


MD5: 26E973B09DE8193FE2CA5D850C52C97E

Size: 919KB



-updated links


-Changed the mechanism for locating the language


-Initial script to create addon of current 2.0.0.x 3.0x Thunderbird

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Think this needs to be updated. attempt to use and wget logs says --23:05:01-- ftp://ftp-mozilla.netscape.com/pub/mozill...n32/en-US/*.exe

=> `Files/.listing' on either version 2 or 3

Also when it did work last week did not include all my folders

But Thank you for all your work including the FF addon maker !!

Made it by request and I haven't kept it up. I will update it to work like my Firefox Addon Maker as soon as I can.

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Tried to run, but get error message says

Windows cannot find "start.bat"

edit *

I just extracted exe to folder and ran go.cmd seems to have worked will test shortly

oops - I'll repost



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