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Get Vista Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes, Inkball, Texas Hold'em RTM Ported to Xp


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Hi, I'm new here, sorry for bumping an old topic. :sweatingbullets:

I have Windows XP SP3 32 bit and I'm trying to install Snipping Tool

This is what I did:

- install MS Net Framework 3.5 (already installed in my system long before)

- install Alky for Applications 1.1 for Windows XP, with Vista Ultimate key - succeeded - Reboot.

(I'm using Windows sidebar ported from vista to XP, so I already installed Alky before but without the key, I uninstalled Alky and reinstalled with the key like instruction)

- install Windows Journal Viewer 1.5.

Then I extracted the SnippingTool.exe and SnippingTool.exe.manifest to C:\Windows\system32

But when I click on snippingtool.exe, nothing happens, it doesn't give me any error message, it just won't run.

Am I doing something wrong? I read the instruction and tried follow carefully :(

Hope someone could help, thanks in advanced :)

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Hey Bismuth, welcome 2 Wincert mate :thumbsup_anim: . Have you just used the uploaded sources file or your own Vista partition/media either for pidgenx.dll etc source? Please also make sure/please check data.bin file that is in %ProgramFiles%\Alky for Applications\Libraries (C:\Program Files\Alky for Applications\Libraries) directory. If it doesn't exist, try to uninstall and reinstall Alky using the same or another valid Vista serial. ~~ Edited here ~~ (while Ultimate is more recommended) or you can grab other pidgenx.dll and pkeyconfig.xrm-ms files from your own Vista and copy them to the sources folder before using your own serial. Also it was just .Net Framework 1.1 runtime but yeah i think it's still fine if you're using .Net framework 3.5 instead since it has also included 1.0-3.0 as well as 3.0 as said. Anyway good luck, please don't hesitate to post here if you still get the problem. Cheerz!

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