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[AddOn] Kal's Sweet Utils AddOn v0.1.0 (ENU, FRA)


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Kal's Sweet Utils AddOn v0.1.0

cpltn9.th.png addremovewu5.th.png cmdfu9.th.png

Info: Kal's Sweet Utils is a collection of system utilities, inspired of Kel's CPL AIO AddOn. I added some common tools, such as CmdOpen and GoRC. The reason I made this one is because Kel's CPL AddOn is not internationalised (no French language support) and it comes with a lot of tools I don't need. So I made mine ;)

Supported Languages: English, French.


ClearType Tuning

CPU-Z v1.4.6

DirectX 9.0c CPL

GPU-Z v0.2.6

HD Tune v2.55

HWmonitor v1.1.0

MemTest v3.7

Windows Installer CleanUp v2.5.0.1

Nero Info Tool v5.2.3.0

Services and Devices v2.7

TweakUI PowerToy v2.10.0.0

GoRC 0.90.3e

Open cmd Here v1.0.4 + Customised configuration for cmd.exe (see screenshot above)

User Accounts Advanced CPL (Windows 2000 Style)

MSConfig CPL



- Inistial release


MD5: 091AEEEAB58EAEF36A59AC586106A789

Size: 2.73MB

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