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"Get" Vista Ultimate DreamScene for Both Xp and Vista by using DreamRender


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:) Hello guys, just a (late ??? :blush: , sorry) news :


DreamRender is a Windows desktop wallpaper animation utility that can replace your desktop wallpaper with stunning animations, and visual effects. You can choose from 1000's of different effects ranging from slow and peaceful through to chaotic, and manic.

Some effects can also react to your currently playing music.

Unlike Windows DreamScene (aka Motion Desktop), Dreamrender not only uses video as a animated desktop backgrounds, but also uses high end particle sequencing, 3D Object Animation, Custom Bubbles, Desktop Image Animations, Music Interaction, Liquid Animations, Tunnels, and MORE.

Has much more dreamscene possibilities then any program and even Vista ultimate extra itself.

From simple image effects to dynamic 3D rendering right on your desktop!

There are so much settings for every dream.

It supports any video\image format, and - it does not affect any WindowBlinds per pixel blured frames or taskbar, so you see animation behind the frames with effects such as blur at real time!

supported desktop TGA PNG formats, that means docks\sidebars\other desktop thingies will look perfect on your animated desktop.

With a VLC player or any other programs that attempt to imitate s dreamscene - the png elements just get black and ugly, so nobody actually uses that kind of animated desktop, now it's all different, you can have your animated desktop with no issues.

You can also use the see through semi transparent frames options to view the animated desktop while using other applications...etc...(to be continued)...

Actually Your desktop will look awesome by using it!

Visit Official WebSite for Further Information and Download: http://www.dreamrender.com/

Direct download (100% free version) : http://dreamrender.com/DreamFiles/index.ph...der%20Setup.exe

It's available as 100% free or paid version. To me, the free one above is good enough...just give it a try! (The only difference is you can edit DreamScene file on the paid version, no more...) ;)

Beside Xp MCE, I also have Vista Ultimate with Dreamscene enabled. And i have to say this program (even for the free version) is much better than it...Good luck! :)

DreamRender ScreenShots (on both Xp and Vista) :






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