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[SVCPACK] Limewire BASIC 4.18.8


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Homesite/about by Lime Wire LLC


LimeWire is the fastest, easiest, most advanced file sharing program available and it's completely free of spyware, adware and any other bundled software.


Requires Java Runtime Env 5.0 or above already installed (Ensure Limewire is installed later than JRE at T13 stage)

Install via autoit silently


Size: 4.87MB

MD5: 74A681AF1FDA6D366B93E9F18D1C1CBB


Uninstallable: Yes

Default folder: Program files\Limewire

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I need to write an AutoIT script for my LimeWire Pro v4 version and was wondering if you could share with me your au3 script file. I know it will differ from Pro but it will give me some insight if you do any special config and how you make it silent.

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This is the script I use

Tooltip ( "Installing Limewire", 200, 420 )
Run ("LimeWireWin.exe /S")
ProcessWait ("LimeWire.exe")
sleep (400)
ProcessClose ("LimeWire.exe")
FileDelete (@DesktopDir&"\LimeWire 4.18.8.lnk")

Hope that helps...

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