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Logons (New design) 2009


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Logons (New design) 2009

New screens are welcome to the new design, only under permit 1440x900 monitor. To monitor with another resolution, the Welcome screen yet.

For English XP:)

Style 1 (Left layout items)

1. A red devil.



2. The Earth.



3. A moonlight.



4. Ops45.



Style 2 (The standard layout, changed the bottom of the screen greetings)

1. A planet.



2. A dark blue Aurora.



3. Coast.



4. A night breeze.


5. A decline.



to be continued ... Visit OSzone :)


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How do I edit my logonui.exe (from Dutch windows XP) to get this?

I opened the Lamborghini in ResHacker and compared it with my original logonui.exe. I could export the images from the Lamb logonui and import them in the original. Then copy the script from UIFILE\1000 and compile it.

Only 2 problems why I hesistate to try this:

- this logonui has got more images (goes up to number 130 and also got 20001-20005) then my original logonui (goes up to image number 127). So I am afraid it won't work.

- Also, when I go to image 129, Reshacker gives me an Access violation error!?

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Ok so I tried to do it, it works if you have 1 account and never actually use the logon interface. You see the nice logon during windows startup and shutdown.

But if I only logoff, or create a 2nd account... the logon screen flickers black and grey a lot 5 times or so and then I get the classic logon (Windows NT style). So something is not correct :(

edit: I edited your logonui by copying the Dutch textlines from my logonui to yours, it worked :) Had to change a few texts because it was too long and not visible on the screen.

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