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How to change Install Settings


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Hey, My question is... How do you change Silent installation settings and pre-define them. For Example I've added Winamp to WPI, when you install winamp there's a checkbox part of the installation that has all these unnecessary addons like Winamp Remote ect. Also when it asks if you want the installation to be "Full" or "Custom" I want to make it a custom installation and disable the Winamp Agent. Any help will be appreciated. I took a quick look at the config.jscript but i'm not familiar with the language so if anyone knows a tutorial on editing the jscript file I am easily self-educated and will be able to catch on quickly.

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well this is not WPI problem

its passed on the program silent command

some program support the commands to choose to install what programs you want

and some of them don`t

and it think winamp only got a silent command not choosing

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thanx for the feedback, now how do you choose. is it a command? I pretty much figured out how to make the install silent using USSF and the basic parameters i already know, but some of my installs i can't find a silent command that works, is there a list you could give me of all possible parameters to add... also all the possible parameters to make an installation silent, maybe a website that shows them all or a more detailed tutorial?

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I'm installing winamp from a batch file which looks like this

winamp5541_pro_all.exe /S

pskill winamp.exe

pskill winampa.exe

pskill eMusicClient.exe

Winamp_Essentials_v5.541.exe /S

"%ProgramFiles%\Winamp\eMusic\Uninst-eMusic-promotion.exe" /S

"%ProgramFiles%\Winamp Remote\uninstall.exe" /S

"%ProgramFiles%\Winamp Toolbar\uninstall.exe" /S

wa5_coloreditor_2_1_2.exe /S

deltree /y "%UserProfile%\Desktop\50 FREE MP3s from eMusic!.lnk"

deltree /y "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\50 FREE MP3s from eMusic!.lnk"

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