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Universal Extractor 1.6 Final


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Universal Extractor 1.6 Final



This installer installs Universal Extractor with all default settings, except it does not add all its context menu's ONLY adds "UniExtract to Subdir"

What's New

1.6 (10/17/2008):

Added support for individual user preferences for better Vista support;

by default, this is enabled for standalone, disabled for installed

when enabled, UniExtract uses single .ini file as with previous version

when disabled, individual prefs/history are saved to registry in HKCU

this can be changed by modifying globalprefs setting in .ini file

Added menu bar to main GUI;

includes options to quit, edit preferences, and visit UniExtract website

Added separate preferences GUI to provide easy access to all options;

can be invoked through Edit menu or through '/prefs' argument

Added support for DiscJuggler CDI CD-ROM images via cdirip.exe

Added support for FEAD Optimizer packages (eg, Adobe Reader installers)

Added support for LZMA compressed files via lzma

Added support for LZX compressed files via unlzx

Added support for Nero NRG CD-ROM images (data only) via nrg2iso

Added support for Reflexive Arcade installer wrapper via RAIU

Added support for RoboForm installers

Added support for WIM (Windows Imaging Format) images via 7-Zip

Added "Not an InstallShield installer" option to InstallShield method select

dialog to force UniExtract to handle TrID InstallShield false positives

Added components section to installer; makes installation of

docs, languages, and certain (large) binaries optional

Added SendTo icon option to installer

Added internationalization support for decompressed ASPack and UPX files

Added Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Taiwanese, Turkish,

and Valencian (Catalan) translations

Added return codes to indicated status of extraction (actually added in 1.5):

0 = successful exit or user-initiated cancel

1 = supposedly supported file, but extraction failed

2 = debug file is not writable, aborted

3 = unknown executable - cannot be extracted

4 = unknown filetype - cannot be extracted

5 = invalid output directory specified

Fixed bug that displayed debugging message box during Inno Setup extraction

Fixed bug in InstallShield CAB file support; now properly extracts files

with spaces in the filename

Fixed support for (non-tar) gzip files

Fixed support for Microsoft hotfixes (again)

Fixed support for relative paths

Fixed support for UNC paths

Fixed missing Spanish language option during installation

Removed support for Windows 9x due to new Unicode version of AutoIt;

9x was never officially supported, but it will not even execute now

Removed Adobe-specific report (now handled by generic FEAD support)

Updated UniExtract to prompt user before executing files for extraction;

can be disabled via warnexecute option

Updated UniExtract to make ACE, KGB, Pea, and StuffIt support optional

Updated UniExtract to read English.ini from root install directory

Updated UniExtract to output debug files to %temp% by default

Updated UniExtract to verify that debug file location can be written to;

user's temp directory will be used if selected dir fails test

Updated UniExtract to disable appendext option by default

Updated UniExtract changelog to add notice of Vietnamese translation in 1.5

Updated TrID detection of MS Self-Extracting CAB (Type 1) archives

Updated TrID detection of Windows Installer (MSI) packages

Updated TrID detection of Zip Self-Extracting archives

Updated CD-ROM image support to bypass TrID detection and rely on extensions

Updated Inno Setup support for increased detection reliability

Updated Inno Setup support to extract all files, including renamed duplicates

Updated UHARC support to detect and extract SFX files

Updated Windows Install patch (.msp) to include pure 7-zip option

Updated installer to use Start Menu icons page and include uninstall icon

Updated installer language initialization code for simplicity

Updated installer to require administrative privileges;

non-admin users should use binary archive (portable) version,

or use a copy installed by the system administrator

Updated installer to require Windows NT-based systems; 9x will not work

Updated installer to prevent association with CHM files under Vista

Updated installer to support new /nowarnexecute paramater

Updated installer to support reversed appendext default preference;

now use /appendext to enable instead of /noappendext to disable

Updated installer to add {app} in addition to {app}\bin to %PATH% if enabled;

restores ability easily to call UniExtract.exe from command line

Updated 7-Zip to 4.57

Updated AutoIt to

Updated innounp to 0.20

Updated Inno Setup to 5.2.2

Updated msi2xml to

Updated Pea to 1.6 (cannot use newer version due to broken GUI controls)

Updated UnRAR to 3.80

Updated UPX to 3.03

Updated bin2iso to 1.95

Info: http://www.legroom.net/software/uniextract

Size: 5.17 MB

MD5 Hash: F7E61B441D130B70155CF0066875D82D

SHA1 Hash: 6C4924968B120DF8BE681AD00AF43B0BEC60FA0E

Credit: Shahed

Download Link:

Universal Extractor v1.6

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