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MSI Wind Touchscreen Mod Success !


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Thought I should show off my mod here :thumbsup_anim:

Alright everyone I have finished installing a touchscreen into my MSI Wind! I have provided some pictures that may help. This is my first touchscreen mod and the first time I have done some advanced soldering ( if you call that advanced ). I am having a little bit of trouble getting the screen centered perfect, though it is not bad and I will leave it as is.


Here I am showing where I connected the ground connection from the Touchscreen controller.


I am not actually that impressed with the soldering job on the touch controller, at one point I was having some issues so I was re-doing them and it did not turn out as pretty:glare:


Here you can see some damage from soldering wires to the wifi card, as you can see I decided to solder directly to the mini PCI-E slot! Also you can see the red wire which is 5v powering the touchscreen controller ( off when standby )


Weee touchscreen and OS X...

I have quoted this from the MSI Wind forums, also like to thank ziguan because this would not have been possible without the touchscreen he supplied me and basic pictures for installing, combine that with some soldering skills and time!


Here is my original attempt at soldering D+ and D- to the wifi card, as seen in the above pics small damage did occur and connection was not good because touchscreen was not detected.


Don't use double sided tape as it will melt onto your ram LOL, I did not have any thermal tape around which probably would be much more appropriate for this job!

I have a few more pictures , but ziguan and himmelblau already posted plenty, I just posted the ones that may help people decide which the best method would be ie the wifi card or MB!!

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