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Delete shortcut depending?


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I'm working on a addon for O&O SafeErase 3....

The addon works perfectly.....

I have one problem....

I create the shortcut just like the default installer does....

Start/All Programs/O&O Software/O&O SafeErase....

I can delete it also with no problem.....

The problem comes in if you have more that 1 O&O software installed...

Reason being that O&O creates shortcuts to all their software in:

Start/All Programs/O&O Software/

So what you could have is shortcuts like this:

Start/All Programs/O&O Software/O&O SafeErase

Start/All Programs/O&O Software/O&O Defrag

Start/All Programs/O&O Software/O&O etc........

So when my addon is uninstalled I need it to check to see

if any other shortcuts exists there.... If so ONLY delete

the O&O SafeErase part.... If not, delete the whole thing.....

Hope I explained it clear enough......

Right now this is the code I'm using......

Name =O&O SafeErase Wizard,0x00000002
SubDir=O&O Software\O&O SafeErase

Name =O&O SafeErase Help,0x00000002
SubDir=O&O Software\O&O SafeErase

Of course this is just standard...

Ok... I await the gods of addons suggestion! :D

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Umm, rick you didnt understand him imo. He wants a code, that will uninstall the shorcut first, but then, if the shortcut folder is empty, will delete the folder too. The folder exists in start menu-programs dir of user.

Sorry reaper, i cant think of anything right now. Will inform you if i find something usable ;)

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You could use a call to command prompt - calling a batch file that will perform the test and delete if necessary. rick can help with the syntax. But, I have used this in the past to create a service using vbscript. This is what I used to create the service.

RunPostSetupCommands =Create.Service:1
CMD /Q /C cscript //nologo """%programfiles%\%scripts_dir%\InstallService.vbs"""

Creating a batch file should be easy enough. I can help with it if you need it.

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