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Windows Vista SP1 final smashes its new feature called Create an Recovery CD


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Hello, know that Vista OS stops working sometimes? Needs a fix..Sp1 delivers this feature, but SP1 RTM seems crashed it..This tutorial helps you!

Firstly, check if its working or not -> Go to Start, All programs _> Maintenance..If you see Create an recovery disk.., click on it, but if nothiing appears then go to Secondly step

Secondly, download an SP1 RC2 Refresh file from Here , Here

Thirdly, go to C:/Windows/system32 and locate recdisk.exe

Now steps:

Right click on the recdisc.exe file,choose properties and change the security settings. (right click on the file then)

Select the “Security” tab and click “Advanced”.

Select the “Owner” tab and click “Edit…”

you first need to add your user account under ownership to full access. Then (from the main file security setting screen click edit to) change the user access rights to full.

once this is done copy the RC2 Refresh file accross into the system32 folder and replace. double click to run or create a shortcut on the desktop if you want to run it easily.

It's worked 100% on all the systems I have done this on. Easy, but many steps!

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