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  1. Well, i dont know what you all are talking about ??! It's very easy: To have 'Starting Windows' message translated also, here's how to do it: open elevated CMD and do these 2 commands : bcdedit /set {current} locale en-us bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-us Restart your machine and that's it. Put your language in "en-us" (like ru-ru and so )
  2. Yes, i agree too, but the only thing i wanted to test it out: "The gap" in versions are really huge...
  3. Hello, My friend have *old* PC with ATi RADEON 9600 (agp) I updated her PC with latest drivers, but after restarting, the screen flickers with blue, buggy lines (I think it's Welcome screen :sweatingbullets: ) So i fastly rebooted and went to Last Known GC and it fixed it ! But anyways, why this happens? Ati Catalyst Driver Version - 10.2 Operating System(s) - Windows Vista - 32-Bit Edition Products Supported: AMD has moved a number of DX9 ATI Radeon graphics accelerators products to a legacy driver support structure. This change impacts Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux distri
  4. Why????!!! Should i upgrade it?? I just bought Windows 7 HP and now i should buy Professional? :crying_anim02:
  5. Here are pictures with normal resolutions: 1 2
  6. :welcome: , please help ... I have this problem at first time. Yesterday, my all was working well, I have 2 HDD - one has my Windows, another - data.Today i turn up PC, bootscreen was about 10 min, so i restarted my PC again and again.Then i tried to went to Boot Options, but they won't open :sweatingbullets: ...I removed USB Drive (readyboost) and then it started with errors.I try start my music, but there wasn't any D: drive..I refreshed explorer many times, but nothing.So i tried reinstalling my disk drivers - nothing.It's saying "device is working properly" Please help me, all of my data
  7. Yes i have ext. HDD (hope it's working :sweatingbullets: ) ...Thank you for your info, but, if i couldn't do it, i go to one of my neighborhood and ask to burn Win7 ISO to DVD. **Now i'll thinking about getting new hardware(in my opinion-DVD-ROM)
  8. I tried 2 of my 4&16 GB USB drives :thumbsdown_anim: , but the process with converting them to FAT32 make them unusable, i dont know why ...When it's NTFS - it not work in bootloader.. :doh: .. May i hope with only HDD use... ? :g: When i converted to FAT32 the 4GB USB Flash drive, it says: Access is denied. Now , i can't do the NTFS reformat <--I think it's broken now :sad01_anim:
  9. Today, i want to install Win7 64-bit Home Premium.I have a PC with Windows 7 PRE-RTM 32-bit. I want to just do an upgrade to final version, but i have problems with bits .. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit download & gen-key; I can't write DVD-Discs, so this is the BIGGEST problem I tried to run setup.exe, but i can't run 64-bit programs o 32-bit OS :confused02: So, is there a way to install it from HDD??? I tried everything,all of my computer experience, read anything - nothing helps... :ranting:
  10. Hello everybody, now i have problems with Wireless Connection set-up. I have Realtek RTL8187B with latest (Win7 compatible) drivers Windows 7 of course Problem :help: Of course i tried EVERYTHING: 1.Firstly i tried to do the easiest thing --> Went to Network and Sharing Center -> Create a Connection or Network -> Ad-Hoc -> WEP -> ICS(ON) Tried the connection - Nothing !! :thumbsdown_anim: : N95 said: NO GATEWAY REPLY 1.1: That's right- No Default Gateway!.. It's blank on ipconfig /all and on RTL8187 configuration ( Wireless network Connection) 2. I e
  11. Please continue with so Windows 7 Updates please...Its amazing!
  12. I tried "Run as admin" and account creation ,but, nothing..Waiting for resolutions...
  13. Hello...I have a problem, serious problem.Task Scheduler for me is very important thing, but its not working anymore.. --> ---> After errors, i see tasks, but not in folders..Help!
  14. Click Start Menu, write CTFMON.exe, click it. Does the Language bar appear? If yes, then you need to add it to system startup: Copy below into notepad and then "save as" call it language.reg and save desktop double click on the saved file to merge into registry Reboot to take effect:- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "ctfmon"="CTFMON.EXE" If not, you should contact Microsoft
  15. I never updated my BIOS, cuz i dunno how to...ASUS P5V-VM-SE-DH is my bios mummy, so please assist!
  16. Yes, all is enabled, but problem happens in Vista too
  17. Thanks in advance, music is now being added!
  18. Thank you, but i have more "better" problem, when i hibernate it, PC just restarts, Then i see Restoring Windows(like it should be), but how to make it Hibernate-and-shut-up?
  19. You're right, but M$ prepared something behind "the scenes"Or maybe Not
  20. I will use Ultimate->Best is BEST :sweatingbullets:
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