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[RunOnceEx] �Torrent 3.2.1 Beta (28025)

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uTorrent 2.2.1 RC2 released :)


U can easily self-update at your end. Just rename the new installer to uTorrent.exe and drag into utorrentSelfUpdate.exe (override the existing uTorrent.exe within WINRAR)

Then manually run utorrentSilentScript.exe to see the new version. (Pls change the version info within utorrentSilentScript.cmd too)

I usually update every 1-3 month, unless there is a need to change utorrentSilentScript.exe. User can just self-update wehnever a new version is out. This will free me from uploading every now and then. (uTorrent version change very frequently. Hence I made it such that user can self-update at their end, meanwhile.)

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Updated to v3.1.26616 (this is a stable version)

-Add Blue Rider Theme screenshot since the original link with the screenshot have been deleted.

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