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[RunOnceEx] �Torrent 3.2.1 Beta (28025)


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[RunOnceEx] µTorrent 3.2.1 Beta (28025) with Blue Rider Theme(Credit:Montana)

G4AAa.png - Lightweight, feature rich, tiniest & High performance BitTorrent client

µTorrent version

Features: Configurable with the flexability to replace a newer program version, change to your fav theme/settings if you do not like the supplied ones. Add language support for non-English User via utorrent.lng

U can indicate shortcut creation via an answer file, utorrentSC.ini. If theme icon is available (main.ico), then the shortcut icon will be theme-base. Otherwise, it is default green icon.

Program default configuration:

Only has 1 start menu, rest of shortcuts* are excluded (i.e. no desktop & quick launch shortcut). Icon use is from Blue Rider theme.

Associate .torrent file as the program default handler

Uninstallable from Add/Remove Panel



Size: 2.31 Mb (2,424,868 bytes)

MD5: 72964DE054DE3B54CE41D133E17C25A8

Uninstallable: Yes

*******************************Some Screenshots*******************************

Blue Rider Theme


Self-update Screenshot1: To update program version whenever newer version is release, open utorrentSelfUpdate.exe with WINRAR, then see instruction in the screenshot. Do not delete utorrent.lng.

*Add an additional file, utorrentSC.ini, for user to indicate their shortcut preference.


Self-update Screenshot2: To configure your own themes/setting, open utorrentSelfUpdate.exe with WINRAR

Replace / delete any *.bmp & *.ico files as necessary within the App_uTorrent folder in WINRAR GUI


When U have updated various files within utorrentSelfUpdate.exe , cab back the same format as before.

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There is a new version out there, I wanted to see if I can update this one with that and also wanted to remove the theme since I like the standard one.

I notice three files in the SVCPACK can you explain what these are and how they are built, that is which ones are the autoit scripts and what are there purpose. I assume that these can be decompiled into the au script if I have AutoIt installed - correct?

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U can't take the files and insert your latest utorrent. It just won't work as script coding is different. I create a plain version script for u to test. Read below.

3 files purpose:

1) utBRiderRUEx.exe (autoit compiled script) - write to registry only (At T13)

You can check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx before u run utBRiderRUEx.exe and after u run utBRiderRUEx.exe to view entry. (Remember to delete away this entry, otherwise when u reboot, it will attempt to install. )

Autoit code use: (U can change 18 to 1 for the 2nd regwrite. I will do that in next version update)

RegWrite('HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\uTorrentBlue', '', 'Reg_sz', 'uTorrent 1.8.2 (Blue Rider Theme)')
RegWrite('HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\uTorrentBlue', '18', 'Reg_sz', @ScriptDir&"\uTorrent18BlueRider.exe")

2) uTorrent18BlueRider.exe (autoit compiled script) -Main installer to run at RunonceEx via SVCPACK folder on your CD/ISO

3) utorrent-1.8.2.upx.exe - Main program downloaded from utorrent website (1.8.2 build 14153)

You can't decompiled into the au script as I built my script using latest autoit version.

Decomplation is only available for the older versions of AutoIt (Version and earlier compiled scripts).

U can test (and edit as necessary) this script to install a plain utorrent using current latest version (build 14458)

uTorrent18Plain.txt Need to rename to .au3

While creating this plain version, I notice there is some difference in the way the utorrent screen pop-ups. So every newer version need to be checked. It is just not consistent. BTW, they are planning a version 1.9 soon.

My script $sT2 is set to not depends on exact secondary title, so it should not requires extensive modification if new version comes out.

Lastly, to all utorrent fans/autoit users, anyone who wish to offer alternative theme is welcome to use the script as baseline script. (To add theme files , use Fileinstall func)

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hi thanks for your work!

is impossible to download it from mediafire!

see you soon!

Hi, add 2 mirrors: esnips & skydrive to Post #1

Dun know why mediafire is not working despite re-uploading. Other files I hosted there works. If still doesn't work after a day or two, probably I will take down Mediafire link.

==Remove Mediafire link and replace with SkyDrive

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could you tell me how to add shortcut to desktop ??

I'm in the middle of adding an option for that. Will post when testing completed. Hopefully can be done in 2-3 days time as I'm busy this week. (U can choose to add shortcut via start menu, desktop or/and quicklaunch thru an ini file)

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Update with an option file, utorrentSC.ini for user to indicate their shortcut preference. (see screenshot1)

Minor changes:

utBRiderRUEx.exe is using 7zsfx module to create registry entry

Program in Add/Remove panel will also use Blue Rider icon

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Thanks, lol it just has been updated too 15289. -.-

Updated to 1.9 Beta (build 14981)

Please note there is a slight different installation routine this time with this version. It insist on launching the installation wizard for the very first time. U need to click "Cancel" when prompt for location/shortcut and everything will be back to normal.

uTorrent version Changelog

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