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I can't enter wincert.net


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I can't enter wincert.net since 25.02.2009 and some of my friends too.

I can enter now using hotspot shield or using vtunnel.

Why ?

Sorry for my poor english :wub_anim:

Is this problem only from Turkey? Is there a problem any other nation ?

There was an DDoS attack on our servers and a lot of IP addresses were blocked. I'll see what I can do.

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I just got this info from my host:

I have checked your domain from different parts of the world and it is loading fine for me. You can confirm it from any proxy site like atunnel.com.

If you can't access wincert, please send me a PM containing your IP Address which you can find out here http://www.whatismyip.com

You should also run tracert wincert.net command in command prompt and send me your results.


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Some of them have dinamic ip. What can we do ?


Please check if they are only changing the last octet of their IP address. For instance, if they change only x (156.123.156.X)

I will then update our ticket there..

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Not only the last octet.

For example ip adress start with 78.180.243.x

After modem Close/open , the ip is start with 88.234.76.x

İt's difficult to solve problem I think.

They can accessing, using vtunnel..etc.

its not important.

Only two member said that have a problem.

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I'm facing the same problem with random intervals. It's not that my ip addresses has been blocked since both my home and work ip addresses are static. Now i can reach, the other time i can not... I'm getting a timeout error those times.

(The last i had it was Saturday i assume.)

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Tracing route to wincert.net []


Can you please make a screenshot of traceroute results.


N1K, can you check for these ranges as well?



Will do.

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