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[Addon ] ImgBurn V2.5.6.0

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Here is ImgBurn V2.5.6.0


English only. You can download other language files ad there homepage.


ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit!

* Read - Read a disc to an image file

* Build - Create an image file from files on your computer or network - or you can write the files directly to a disc

* Write - Write an image file to a disc

* Verify - Check a disc is 100% readable. Optionally, you can also have ImgBurn compare it against a given image file to ensure the actual data is correct

* Discovery - Put your drive / media to the test! Used in combination with DVDInfoPro, you can check the quality of the burns your drive is producing



Install from: True addon

MD5 hash: 207ef3a27744ee3b7302c51f64c0dcd5

File Size: 2,96 MB (3.110.580 bytes)

Download here:

Change log:

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thank you, but wish one could install this via *.inf file.

Well you can..

Just unzip the file. Use a cabtool to uncab the *.in_ file Cab tool can be found in some update packs here. Ore Google.

If you want to install the true *.inf from within windows try the next nice trick.

Open the *.inf file

got to:


1="ImgBurn Files","ImgBurn.cab",,"i386"

change to:


1="ImgBurn Files","ImgBurn.cab",,"./."

Now the install will go without asking for the lacation of the *.cab file.

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