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Can't Open W7T!


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When I open w7t, it downloads a new database normally and it wants me to download and install wim filter

When I click "download and install" button, it downloads something but the program freezes and i can't do anything

What can i do?

my os is windows 7 bulid 7100

my waik is windows 7 beta waik (i tried vista waik)

w2t version is 0.1.3 (i tried 0.1.2)

sorry for my bad english...

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Thanks lego for addin this "skip" option. Now it works, and no more offline mode as well. Although it has the same problem as before "cant connect to remote server" (for the wimfltr. inf file) but with the skip option, it works. (did not try mounting any images yet, will let you know)

Thank you


It mounts wim images, but i get this error when unmounting the image



I forgot to mention, it unmounts perfectly with "discard" but if i select "save and unmount" option i get the error above

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